How can I get the end date of a quarter with SQL?

It will depend on the database you’re using!

As you can see below, there can be quite some variations in syntax between Vertica, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL


------------------------------------Vertica ------------------------------------------------------------------------
to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-03-31'), 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfCalQ1,
to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-06-30'), 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfCalQ2,
to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-09-30'), 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfCalQ3,
to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-12-31'), 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfCalQ4,
to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-01-31'), 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfFQ1,
to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-04-30'), 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfFQ2,
to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-07-31'), 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfFQ3,
to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-10-31'), 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfFQ4
to_date(date_part('year', current_date) || '-03-31', 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfCalQ1,
to_date(date_part('year', current_date) || '-06-30', 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfCalQ2,
to_date(date_part('year', current_date) || '-09-30', 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfCalQ3,
to_date(date_part('year', current_date) || '-12-31', 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfCalQ4,
to_date(date_part('year', current_date) || '-01-31', 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfFQ1,
to_date(date_part('year', current_date) || '-04-30', 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfFQ2,
to_date(date_part('year', current_date) || '-07-31', 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfFQ3,
to_date(date_part('year', current_date) || '-10-31', 'YYYY-MM-DD') as EndOfFQ4
endofcalq1 |endofcalq2 |endofcalq3 |endofcalq4 |endoffq1 |endoffq2 |endoffq3 |endoffq4 |
2017-03-31 |2017-06-30 |2017-09-30 |2017-12-31 |2017-01-31 |2017-04-30 |2017-07-31 |2017-10-31 |
str_to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-03-31'), '%Y-%m-%d') as EndOfCalQ1, #--find the end of calendar Q1
str_to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-06-30'), '%Y-%m-%d') as EndofCalQ2, #---find the end of calendar Q2'
str_to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-09-30'), '%Y-%m-%d') as EndOfCalQ3, #---find the end of calendar Q3'
str_to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-12-31'), '%Y-%m-%d') as EndOfCalQ4, #---find the end of calendar Q4'
str_to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-01-31'), '%Y-%m-%d') as EndOfFQ1, #---find the end of fiscal Q1'
str_to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-04-30'), '%Y-%m-%d') as EndofFQ2, #---find the end of fiscal Q2'
str_to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-07-31'), '%Y-%m-%d') as EndOfFQ3, #---find the end of fiscal Q3'
str_to_date(Concat(Year(Now()),'-10-31'), '%Y-%m-%d') as EndOfFQ4 #---find the end of fiscal Q4'
EndOfCalQ1 |EndofCalQ2 |EndOfCalQ3 |EndOfCalQ4 |EndOfFQ1 |EndofFQ2 |EndOfFQ3 |EndOfFQ4 |
2017-03-31 |2017-06-30 |2017-09-30 |2017-12-31 |2017-01-31 |2017-04-30 |2017-07-31 |2017-10-31 |
--------------------- ------------SQL Server: Convert--------------------------------------------------------
convert(date, Concat(Year(getdate()),'-03-31')) as EndOfCalQ1,
convert(date, Concat(Year(getdate()),'-06-30')) as EndOfCalQ2,
convert(date, Concat(Year(getdate()),'-09-30')) as EndOfCalQ3,
convert(date, Concat(Year(getdate()),'-12-31')) as EndOfCalQ4,
convert(date, Concat(Year(getdate()),'-01-31')) as EndOfFQ1,
convert(date, Concat(Year(getdate()),'-04-30')) as EndOfFQ2,
convert(date, Concat(Year(getdate()),'-07-31')) as EndOfFQ3,
convert(date, Concat(Year(getdate()),'-10-31')) as EndOfFQ4
EndOfCalQ1 |EndOfCalQ2 |EndOfCalQ3 |EndOfCalQ4 |EndOfFQ1 |EndOfFQ2 |EndOfFQ3 |EndOfFQ4 |
2017-03-31 |2017-06-30 |2017-09-30 |2017-12-31 |2017-01-31 |2017-04-30 |2017-07-31 |2017-10-31 |
---------------------------------SQL Server: Cast-------------------------------------------------------------
cast(Concat(Year(getdate()),'-03-31') as date) as EndOfCalQ1,
cast(Concat(Year(getdate()),'-06-30') as date) as EndOfCalQ2,
cast(Concat(Year(getdate()),'-09-30') as date) as EndOfCalQ3,
cast(Concat(Year(getdate()),'-12-31') as date) as EndOfCalQ4,
cast(Concat(Year(getdate()),'-01-31') as date) as EndOfFQ1,
cast(Concat(Year(getdate()),'-04-30') as date) as EndOfFQ2,
cast(Concat(Year(getdate()),'-07-31') as date) as EndOfFQ3,
cast(Concat(Year(getdate()),'-10-31') as date) as EndOfFQ4
EndOfCalQ1 |EndOfCalQ2 |EndOfCalQ3 |EndOfCalQ4 |EndOfFQ1 |EndOfFQ2 |EndOfFQ3 |EndOfFQ4 |
2017-03-31 |2017-06-30 |2017-09-30 |2017-12-31 |2017-01-31 |2017-04-30 |2017-07-31 |2017-10-31 |

So, what’s common in all these examples? In all cases, you will need:

  • a function that gets the current date
  • a function that extracts the year from the current date
  • a function that concatenates strings
  • a function that converts a string to a date

Need help with those?

Check out my other blog posts:

Happy SQL-ing!

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