How do I create a pie chart on a map in Tableau?

–How do my key markets compare in terms of profit?

–Is there a segment that’s more important than others in a given market?

These are among the most typical questions that you may encounter as an analyst working for a company that serves multiple segments in multiple geographic markets.

I also had them recently. Yet, I didn’t feel like producing the standard crosstabs.

Instead, I went for a more visual approach

Why is the chart above a better solution than a good old crosstab?

You immediately see the answers to your questions:

  1. Spain is underperforming compared to Germany, France and Great Britain
  2. All segments are comparable across markets, apart from the blue one, which is markedly strong in Germany


Curious how to create a pie chart on a map viz?

1.Plot the profit per country on a map

2. Drop Latitude to Rows for a second time and switch to “Dual Axis”

3. Switch the secondLatitude to Pie

4. Drop “Segment” on Color and increase the Size

5. Drop “Profit” on Angle

6. Drop “Profit” on Detail and “Add Table Calculation

7. Change Format to “Percentage”


Happy Vizzing!

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