How do I create a word cloud in Tableau?

Word clouds are a great way of visualizing text data!

And up until yesterday I had no idea that you could create them in Tableau! Therefore, I was excited to try them out as soon as a suitable analysis request came my way.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long! Do you remember the market/segment analysis I did last week?  Today, I had a follow-up question on it:

–Which are the most important product categories per segment and market?

Deciding to integrate its answer in the workbook I had already created, I proceeded with making the word cloud.


Now, I only had to make sure that the filters applied to my word cloud were the same as the ones applied on my “pie-on-a-map chart”

Now, whenever a user would hover on a segment in a given country, the pie-on-a-map chart would automatically filter the word cloud underneath to show which the most important product categories were for that segment, in that country.

Sweet, no?

Want to see the proper Tableau workbook? Check it out here

Happy Vizzing!

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