How do I create a waterfall chart in Tableau?

It truly is super easy! 

1. Make sure your date has been placed on a continuous axis (i.e. on a green pill)

2. Add a “Running Total” calculation to your measure


3. Change your “Mark Type” to “Gantt chart”!

4. Add a calculated field with the negative value of the measure you want to use

5. Drop it to Size and your desired measure to “Colour”

6. Add your “Running Total” measure as a gantt chart measure for a second time

7. Place it on a “Dual Axis” and synchronize it

Want to use a waterfall chart with categorical measures?

No problem – just replace the date with the measure you’d like to use!


Need a refresher of some waterfall charts’ use cases? You can find some here!

Care to see my interactive waterfall chart? You can check it out on Tableau Public

Happy vizzing!

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