Let’s get that lollipop chart out there!

A bit bored with bar charts? Want to enhance the visual appeal of your dashboard?

Why not try a lollipop chart?

A lollipop chart can be particularly handy should you want to emphasize the end result of a period


Unlike most visually appealing charts, the lollipop chart is a super easy one to build 😉

  1. Add Sales to Columns two times

2. Put it on dual axis and synchronize the axis

3. Change the type of the first measure to Bar and decrease its size

4. Change the type of the second measure to Circle and increase its size

5. Add the profitability calculation to colour on the second measure

6. Add Sub-Category to Rows

7. Hide the axes

8. Remove the column gridlines

9. Sort descending by Sales

10. Fit to “Entire View”

Happy vizzing!

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