Let’s visualize those sales and profits in a butterfly chart!

Searching for another way to visualize sales and discount in the same graph?

You find the lollipop chart insufficiently informative?

Then you might consider the butterfly chart

So, what does a brief inspection of these charts tell us?

• Hefty discounts do little to boost sales in the Netherlands

• Despite being in the top bottom 30 sales percentile % for the last 3 years, sales in Norway have seen an explosive growth of 230% YoY

• Switzerland, whose performance has been much alike that of Norway for the past three years, is one of the few markets that are experiencing negative growth in 2017

That is a lot of information to glean and therefore I find the butterfly chart is a super handy tool when you’d like to compare two sets of related numbers regardless if these are:

  • two related KPIs
  • YoY comparison of the same KPI

Curious how to build a butterfly chart?

  1. Add the measures you’re comparing to Columns

2. Add a calculated measure = 0 in between

3. Add Country to Rows

4. Add Country to Label on the “zero axes” measure and change its type to “Text”

5. Reverse the axis of Discount

6. Hide the header of Country

7. Rename the “zero axes” to “Country” and remove its tick marks

8. Remove Column gridlines and Zero Lines

9. Fit to “Entire View”

10. Add Sales to Label and Color on the Sales measure

11. Add Discount to Label and Colour on the Discount measure and switch Color to Reversed

And here’s the chart itself


Happy vizzing!

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