Top 3 Handy Features of Excel 2016

Visualizing statistical results in Excel has just become easier as the latest version enables you to create “Histogram” and “Pareto” charts (+ a bunch others)

2.Power Pivot Add-In is integrated, which essentially means that:

(a) you do not have to install it separately as it was the case with Excel 2013 and Excel 2010

(b) you will see a bunch of additional options on your ‘Data’ tab

3. Excel 2016 introduces =CONCAT() and =TEXTJOIN() for simplified string concatenation

How are they different from =CONCATENATE() and the “&” operator?

(a) Unlike =CONCATENATE(), =CONCAT() allows you to specify ranges


(b) With =TEXTJOIN() you can now specify a separator for your new string, rather than having to enter it as text every time it is needed as it was the case with =CONCATENATE()

This is a particularly handy if you need to use a bunch of IDs as a filter for retrieving data from a system.

NB! Do beware that:

(a) =TEXTJOIN() does have a limt of 256 items, though, so if you find yourself having to join more items than that, the good old-fashioned “&” is your solution


(b) Both =CONCAT() and =TEXTJON() cannot be read by earlier Excel versions, so if there’s any chance that your spreadsheets might be used by 2010/2013 users, it is a safer bet to use =CONCATENATE and/or “&” operator

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