Tracking progress against goals

Remember doughnut charts?

Yes, next to neatly visualizing shares of totals, they can also make decent progress trackers!

You’ll need to create a couple of additional calculations to help you create a progress doughnut chart, however:

  1. A parameter where you can dynamically input your Sales Target

2. Sales Remaining = Sales Target – Sales

3. % achieved = Sales / Sales Target

4. calculation = 1 (so that multiple doughnuts can be created in the same view)

Doughnut charts, however, could prove misleading if the actuals exceed the goal (i.e. turn out to be greater than 100%)

See, according to the view above, “Office supplies” and “Technology” have exceeded their goals. Their corresponding doughnut charts, however, are still showing that there’s still progress to be made

That’s where a “bullet graph” can prove handy.

How do I build a Bullet graph in Tableau?

  1. Make sure the measures you’d like to include are selected and click on the “bullet graph” window from the “Show Me” tab

2. Add “Category” (or your selected dimension) to Rows and fit to “Entire View”

3. Swap Reference Lines Fields. This will ensure that the target is considered as a reference line rather than the average of achieved sales

4. Add % achieved as “Label” and format it as percentage

5. Optional: if you’d like to introduce some conditional color formatting, you can add an extra calculation and drop it on “Colour”.

Do not forget to edit colours accordingly!

Happy vizzing!

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