How do I quickly save a presentation under a new name and file extension?

A few of you asked me if there was anything specific in the separate saving procedure I would call at the end of my PowerPoint slides consolidation routine as well as what my reasoning for its inclusion in the code in the first place was.

Well, I had several requirements:

(1) The date when the presentaton was compiled had to be added to the presentation name

(2) The presentation had to be saved with a .pptx extension as it needed to be uploaded to a virtual conference room, which did not accept .pptm extensions

(3) Last but not least,  I wanted my newly compiled presentation to be saved in the exactly same location as its template

Hence, I would use the second part of the snippet below to address all these

Sub S()
Dim Ppres As Presentation
Set Ppres = ActivePresentation
Dim location As String
'~~~~~~~~~~~~saving in a location specified by us~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
location = "C:\Users\Angelina\Review\MonthlyReview.pptx"
Ppres.SaveAs FileName:=location, FileFormat:=ppSaveAsDefault
'~~~~~~~~~~~saving in the same location as the exisitng presentaton
'~~~~~~~~~~~with a date 1 month back in the name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ppres.SaveAs FileName:=Left(Ppres.FullName, Len(Ppres.FullName) - 5) _
& "_" & Format(DateAdd("m", -1, Date), "mmm") & ".pptx"
End Sub
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Couldn’t you just use “Save As” to get your presentations as expected?

I could, of course… I just like automating as many manual steps as possible