3 Super Handy Tableau Features

(1) Shelf calculationsĀ (also known as ad-hoc calculations or in-line calculations) are quickies that you can create by double clicking on Marks, Row, Columns and Measure Values Since shelf calculations are not added to your dataset, they're not re-usable between different worksheets in a workbook, which means that they're not a sustainable way of building a … Continue reading 3 Super Handy Tableau Features

Tracking progress against goals

Remember doughnut charts? Yes, next to neatly visualizing shares of totals, they can also make decent progress trackers! You'll need to create a couple of additional calculations to help you create a progress doughnut chart, however: A parameter where you can dynamically input your Sales Target 2. Sales Remaining = Sales Target - Sales 3. … Continue reading Tracking progress against goals

How can I sort by the values of a sub-category in Tableau?

I was thrilled to attend a live #MakeoverMonday at the Netherlands Tableau User Group today. https://twitter.com/VizWizBI/status/978687243224322049 We were given 45 minutes to re-design the following viz I decided to go for a simple bar chart with a few twists As it was an inverted scale in which 1 would represent the highest rank and 10 … Continue reading How can I sort by the values of a sub-category in Tableau?